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Founding Board of Directors Names Its Founding Executive Director 

Amazing things happen when potential meets opportunity.

A tuition-free public charter school in Sumter, SC approved to open in the Fall of 2021, Sumter STEAM Charter is an open doorway to new ways of learning, teaching, and thinking with a clear goal in mind … to graduate our scholars with a clear purpose!

We are excited to serve the young scholars of Sumter County, South Carolina, and the surrounding region, beginning with kindergarten and first grade enrolling a combined total of 144 scholars. In year two, we will add pre-kindergarten and second grade. Thereafter, we will add a new grade every year until we have a fully inclusive academic community, complete four personalized learning academies – primary (PK-2), elementary (3-5), junior (6-8), and senior (9-12).  

The Sumter STEAM Charter School anticipates a total of 976 scholars with three classes per grade and 24 scholars per class with two teachers in all primary academy classes.

Our model is innovative and unlike any other locally available option. It includes a high-quality standards-based curriculum, a longer school day & year, significant exposure to enrichment activities, personalized learning plans & digital devices for all scholars, a comprehensive MTSS model, extended day activities,  and an innovative high school model offers with a unique set of learning pathways designed to link PBL and student connections to STEAM career pathways. that include industrial & engineering technology, health sciences, computer technology, and early college. 

At SSC, we are dreaming BIG! Using a slow-growth model our goal is for all scholars to leave the primary academy reading on grade level, to score in the 85th percentile on state assessments in their final year of the elementary academy, to be able to handle the rigor of four to seven high school credit-bearing classes in the junior academy, and finish their high-school required credits by their junior year to offer the opportunity for all scholars to participate in dual-enrollment classes, internships, and apprenticeships. 

Children do best in a tight-knit, safe and welcoming community where everyone knows their names, and everyone is a team. Our teachers and leaders strive for every child to realize their full potential in our classrooms and beyond. 

At Sumter STEAM Charter, our doors are open to prove what is possible when potential meets opportunity. 

Come on inside. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world.” 
– Nelson Mandela 

“We must open the doors of opportunity.

But we must equip our people to walk

through those doors.” – Lyndon Johnson 

Tuition Free Public Charter School 

Extended School Day & Extended School Year

Social-Emotional Learning Focus

(2) Enrichment Classes Daily

(4) Personalized Learning Academies with Small Class Sizes

Nutritious Meals

We look forward to opening our doors on July 20, 2021.

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3 Things To Celebrate

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Our formal notification of state approval causes our excitement to grow leaps and bounds! Our Founding Board of Directors has worked hard and believes we have done the work exceptionally well to meet the state’s rigorous bar for approval.


As our planning and implementation year begins, we are excited

to share this amazing news that solidifies the formation of SSC

as a non-profit! 


SSC has selected Building Excellent Schools to lead a nation-wide search for its Founding Executive Director.


In these challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of strong leadership. SSC is looking for a mission-driven and results-oriented individual with a proven record of charter school experience who is ready to roll up their sleeves and build a high-performing charter school!


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character      – that is the goal of true education.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Approval from the SC Public Charter School District means to SSC’s Founding Board of Directors

Greg A. Thompson, Chairman  

This is a momentous day for Sumter County families who are seeking additional public education options. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the education needs of our community and super excited about “rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.”

Dexter Davis, Vice-Chairman

“Securing approval from the SCPCSD for SSC is cause for great celebration to anyone who values greater public education options far and wide. SSC is uniquely positioned to be a bold part of the solution and it will level the playing field for all children, opening up the greatest of opportunities to anyone with the courage to dream and dream big. SSC will truly be a community school.”

Dr. Trevor Ivey, Secretary

“While the application process has been very arduous and there is certainly excitement to have reached the final milestone in the seven-step authorization process, we realize that crossing what seems like the finish line today is really the start of a whole new marathon. Make no mistake about it: in creating a public charter school full of rigor, joy, and community, this group of concerned citizens has an unrelenting belief in what kids can achieve--despite race, poverty, or zip code-- and we are determined now more than ever to change the narrative about what is possible for Sumter’s children.”

Kim Rauschenbach, Treasurer 

“Approval of SSC is an honor. It means that forward-thinking community members recognized an opportunity, committed the resources and did the work necessary to bring it to fruition. While I’m grateful for what this will do for Sumter businesses by providing a pipeline of talent, I’m most excited to see life-changing opportunities within reach of those who need it most.”

Ben Griffith 

“The state’s approval of SSC means the real work begins now. We are prayerful and hopeful that we’re moving in the right direction, and that the tremendous displays of support already shown will grow as the community more clearly understands our ultimate goal: to challenge the young Sumter minds to become the best they can be.”

Steve Creech 

“The approval of SSC means an awful lot to the good people of Sumter. It gives us an additional alternative to our currently available public school options. Folks who have been searching for better options now have one more to add to the list, and a tremendously unique one at that.”

Bronwyn McElveen

“The approval of SSC represents an opportunity for all Sumter County students and parents to have access to a world-class, public education, emphasizing instruction in the three largest areas of employment in Sumter County- Industrial and Engineering Technology, Computer Technology, and Health Sciences.  In Sumter’s newest public school, we will build a dynamic learning environment where every child is embraced and uplifted, while being equally positioned for social, emotional, academic, and professional success; all while enhancing the socio-economic landscape in Sumter County.”

Cammy Chandler 

“The road to excellence has no finish line! The approval of SSC by the state charter district marks the end of one leg of the journey for Sumter STEAM Charter, adding greater legitimacy to our overall mission. This is a huge win for our community, in particular for parents who are seeking an additional high-quality public education option for their children. With the official authorization of SSC, there is now greater access to world-class public education options that will prepare children to be tomorrow’s leaders in our community.” 

Rev. Dr. Marion Newton 

“The approval of SSC shows that a state authority can clearly see there is a demonstrated need for additional high quality public education options in Sumter.  More importantly, it shows that they value the quality of education that we will be providing to our students - who we call “scholars” - and the tremendously positive impact this will have on our community.” 




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